Engineering Supplies and Marine Equipment supplies the following winches.

Air Winches

Wire Rope Winches

Hand Winches

Engineering Supplies stock and supply a range of Winches such as:

Boat winches

  • Model 227 – 227kg 5mm – 8mm rope
  • Model 363 – 363kg 5mm – 8mm rope

Free-spool one way ratchet

  • Model 545 – 545kg 6mm – 8mm rope
  • Model 727 – 727kg 6mm – 8mm rope

Free-spool 2 way ratchet

  • Model 909 – 909kg 6mm – 10mm rope
  • Model 1136 – 1136kg 6mm – 10mm rope

Free-spool 2 way ratchet.

Hand brake

The winches all come with detachable handles.

These hand winches are intended to transfer dead loads only. They are not to be used for hoisting or transfer of people or hoisting loads over people. The winches are not designed to secure loads to trailers during towing. Boat tie downs should be used.

Hand winches (Heavy duty)

  • Model 13000S II – Safe working load 8.2ton
  • Model 8000S II – Safe working load 5.4ton
  • Model 5000S II – Safe working load 3.5ton
  • Model 3000S II – Safe working load 2.2ton
  • Model 1500S II – Safe working load 1 ton
  • Model 750S II – Safe working load 500kg

These winches can be fitted with electric motors.

Air winches

  • Model WAI 500
  • Model WAI 1000
  • Model WAR 500
  • Model WAR 1000
  • Model WAR 2000
  • Model WAR 3000
  • Model WAP 2500
  • Model WAP 4500

The features and characteristics are on the Cooper and Engineering Supplies Website i.e. www.

Wire Rope Winches

  • Donsa wire rope winches are supplied in 1500kg and 3000kg

These winches are versatile and robust. The winches are easy to install and to operate. Depending on the length of rope the winches insure continuous operation without snatching.

  • Tsala wire rope winches are supplied in 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg.

As with the Donsa winches these winches are versatile and easy to operate and to install.