We supply the following webbing and chain slings

Flat & Endless Round Slings

Chain Slings

Steel Wire Rope Slings


Engineering Supplies stock the following  slings:

Webbing Slings

  • Flat polyester webbing slings to SANS 94-1 (EN1492-1:2000+A1:2008)
  • Endless polyester Roundslings to SANS 94-2 (EN1492-2:2000+A1:2008)

Traceability of the slings are obtained with each sling having a serial number stamped on a steel tag and recorded on the blue labels that are securely stitched into the sling eye (flat webbing slings) or cover of the endless round slings

The OEM Certificates are kept on file for future references.

The slings are colour coded for ease of reference to assist the users to apply the right sling to the right load.

Additional protection may be applied to flat webbing and endless round slings by adding loose sleeves that move on the slings to cover areas that will be exposed to sharp edges. The facility also exist to have flat webbing slings protected by adding either one side of the slings or both sides with a polyurethane solid layer on the sling to ensure slippage of plates will not cut the sling very easily.

The webbing slings supplied by Engineering Supplies are branded as “DONSA” and stamped on the sling as such.


Chain Slings

Engineering Supplies stock Grade 80 chain that are manufactured according the EN818-2-8 International Standard.

When used in a sling the EN818-4-8 Standard applies to identify hazards and to prevent these during lifting of loads.

The OEM Certificates are kept on file for future use and to retain the details on the markings of each batch of chain received.

All the chain sling components are manufactured in line with:

  • DIN EN 1677-1 Forged steel components requirements – Gr8
  • DIN EN 1677-2 Forged steel lifting hooks with latch – Gr8
  • DIN EN 1677-3 Forged steel self-locking hooks – Gr8
  • DIN EN 1677-4 Links – Gr8

Here again the OEM certificates with the traceability markings that were applied on each batch of components received are kept on file at our office.

All chain slings assembled at Engineering Supplies are issued with distinct serial numbers and work load limits to ensure maximum safety for the users if applied correctly.