Power Reticulation

Engineering Supplies supply C-track systems – both in light and heavy duty

C-track System Power Carrier

Flat Bar Power

I-Beam Power

The C-rail and C-track systems is as festoon systems for the smooth management of high current carrying  cables used in Electric overhead trolley cranes, hoists and any other industrial equipment.

3-CT-0100 – LD-C Light duty track rails together with:

  • LD Joints
  • LD Rail support
  • LD End stop
  • LD end clamp
  • LD track carrier
  • LD Master carrier
  • LD mobile box
  • LD round cable assembly
  • LS Swivel carrier (for outdoor use)


3-BC-0100 – Big C – Heavy duty track rails together with:

  • HD Joints
  • HD Rail support
  • HD End stop
  • HD end clamp
  • HD track carrier
  • HD Master carrier
  • HD mobile box
  • HD round cable assembly
  • HS Swivel carrier (for outdoor use)

It is recommended to use strain relief rope/chain between the carriers to prevent damage to the cables.

When designing a festoon system the parking area for the cable when fully retracted must be taken into account to ensure the C-track will be long enough to not interfere with the area to be covered by the hoist to lift or move loads.

Diamond track is also available together with the applicable carriers

Flat bar track and carriers are also available.

Light duty adjustable width flange wheel I-beam carrier systems are also available.