Floats and Fenders

Our  Marine Floats and Fenders are designed for the most demanding use.

Polyform Fenders

Our floats and fenders, with Polyform’s signature blue ropehold, has proven itself in the most adverse conditions. Polyform floats & fenders offer great strength, protection and dependability and can be relied upon to protect your vessel from the rigors of the sea and weather.

Also suitable for marking gear at sea in all conditions.


  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength
  • Patented vinyl valve system
  • Reinforced ropehold
  • Available in Red or White


Pneumatic Fenders

Pneumatic fenders, also known as floating fenders or Yokohama fenders, provides the supplementary protection to applications where fixed fenders such as cylindrical fenders and arch fenders may be unsuitable. With low reaction force at low deflection, pneumatic fenders are the best choice for liquid cargo vessels and defence vessels with sensitive equipment. Meanwhile, it also ideal for following applications:

  • Ship to ship transfer operation at sea.
  • Double banking operations.
  • Vessel berthing and mooring at docks and jetties.
  • Soft vessels including bulk carriers, tankers or aluminium fast ferries.
  • Liquid cargo vessels and defence vessels.
  • Permanent and semi-permanent ports with solid faced quay structure or supporting frame.
  • Quays with large range of tidal.


  • Excellent energy absorption by using compressed air as buffer to counteract collision and squeezing.
  • When ships are berthing, mostly there are certain angles, pneumatic fenders secure an oblique contact with ship taking advantages of its unique structure.
  • Lager interface areas and smaller counter force.
  • Floating on water all the time and moving up and down with tide, pneumatic fenders allow safety berthing with small friction force upon the ships and rubber fender itself.
  • Great linear load deflection.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Quick and easy to install and redeploy without bolts and nuts.
  • Complying with international standards.
  • Wide range of diameters and pressure rating for different applications.


Pneumatic rubber fenders are composed of four main parts: outer rubber, reinforced tyre cord, inner rubber and end flanges as shown in the picture.

  • Outer rubber layer features high tensile strength and wear resistance to protect reinforced tyre core and inner rubber form damages.
  • Reinforced tyre cord is fabricated from high strength cord materials to strength the pneumatic fender.
  • Inner layer is made of rubber to contain the air and avoid any leakage.
  • End flanges are the junction of rubber bladder and metallic parts containing air valve, which are used to fill and discharge gas. Meanwhile, the end flanges have hoisting rings to allow the fender to be lifted easily.


Foam Fenders