Crane Scales

Engineering Supplies and Marine Equipment stocks RON Crane scales

Engineering Supplies stock the following dynamometer i.e. Shackle type

The model RON 2125 is a unique combination of a small and light weight load cell with a large display.


  1. The small load cell ensures portability
  2. Low headroom loss for any application
  3. They come with a hand held remote display
  4. This applies to units up to 12.5ton and is removable and can be attached to the load cell
  5. With this in mind the user’s safety is ensured because he does not have to approach the load in order to read the results
  6. The user will either have the remote indicator in his hand or read the large display from a safe distance
  7. The separation of the load cell and display also improves the system’s durability
  8. The load cell’s unique perpendicular hole structure neutralise external moments and thus improve accuracy
  9. Safety factor of this RON 2125 is 5:1
  10. Proof load: up to 200ton: at 200%
  11. Proof load: above 200ton: at 150%
  12. Accuracy: 0.1% of the full range +1 resolution step
  13. Durability: Robust extruded aluminium indicator housing, iridized and polyurethane coated.

RON Crane Scales