Marine Equipment Supplies specializes in manufacturing of various types of anodes, in line with the highest standards and quality of marine and offshore industries.

In cathodic protection, pieces of metal (known as Sacrificial Anode) are linked electrically to the ship’s hull. These anodes, are made of metals more reactive than the material used for the ship’s body and systems. As such, they will corrode in place of the ship’s body and systems while the ship stays protected, giving rise to the name ‘Sacrificial Anodes’.

Sacrificial anodes are also deployed on:

  •  subsea structures
  • pipelines
  • platforms
  • wind turbine foundations
  • monopiles
  • wave and tidal generators
  • quay and harbour walls
  • jetties & pontoons
  • dock gates
  • ships and boats hulls
  • ballast
  • grey and potable water tanks
  • power station intake screens
  • storage tanks

To sum it up, Sacrificial Anodes can be effectively deployed wherever there’re metal parts partially or fully submerged in seawater, to protect these parts from marine corrosion.



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